Funnel Hacking LIVE 2016 
March 31st - April 2nd In San Diego
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Funnel Hacking LIVE 2016 
Featuring Marcus Lemonis From CNBC's 'The Profit'
What Is Funnel Hacking LIVE?
Every year, the top funnel builders in the world gather together to share notes on what's working NOW...

In the past these meetings were small, and very few entrepreneurs were invited... 

Last year, that all changed. 

For the first time ever, we opened up the doors and allowed 600 ClickFunnels members to come and show off their top sales funnels...  and allow you to 'Funnel Hack' them!

Last year was good....  THIS YEAR WILL BE EVEN BETTER.  

Join us, and the top funnel builders in the world at this years Funnel Hacking LIVE!
Let Me Show You What's To Expect This Year...
Unlike Other Events With A Bunch Of Random Speakers, This Event Is Choreographed To Help You START And SCALE ANY Company Using ClickFunnels and the Funnel Hacking Process...  Let Me Show You The Journey We'll Go On Together...
Chapter #1 - 'Expert Secrets'
It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, or already have a business that's making over 7 figures a year...

The FASTEST way to start and scale a company is by leveraging YOUR expert status and then leveraging it inside of one of our new 'Expert' funnels.  These funnels we've been testing over the past 12 months and have kept them a secret, until now.
Let me introduce you to our first keynote speakers that will help build the foundation of our entrepreneurial journey together.
Russell Brunson:  Expert Secrets
Russell will be showing the evolution of an expert through 5 very specific funnels including the one funnel he calls "The Expert Maker."  

This funnel will almost instantly build your platform, give you an audience and setup / preframe all future funnels.
Garrett White:  Expert Evolution
You don't wake up one day an expert.  It's a process where you have to first learn and grow... and then you can share.  

Garrett will be showing you the journey he went through to master his craft, find his voice and build his audience.  
Chapter #2 - The Funnels
After you've identified how to use your expert status to start or scale your company, then we need to figure out which funnels will give you the most leverage...

We'll be covering front end funnels, backend funnels and other funnels that you probably never imagined were even possible.  This section will give you the actual tactics you need to execute on the expert secrets strategy!
Liz Benny 
(AKA The Queen Of Kapow!)
Last year Liz had an idea for a new company she wanted to launch from scratch.  During that time she encountered almost every roadblock and hurdle possible to keep her from her success.  

But during those 12 months she created her first information product, created a webinar, built a following and not only has she made hundreds of thousands of dollars a month with this new company, she's also changing the lives of others all around the world!  

Liz will tell you her story, and show you the funnels she's used to create her success story!
Ryan Stewman
High Ticket Funnels
Do you know the point of every front end funnel?  To drive people to your backend funnels so you can get them on the phone and sell them REALLY expensive stuff.  

Ryan has been nicknamed the "Hardcore Closer" because of his ability to sell on the phone, but more impressive are the funnels he has created to get his dream clients on the phone with him.  

You will see behind the scenes of his backend funnels, and the process he uses to convert people from an application to a paid client!
Jacob Hiller
The Jump Manual Story
A decade ago Jacob started a mission to learn how to increase his vertical... to jump higher.  After sharing what he learned on youtube and other social outlets he built a large following and eventually launched his first product, "The Jump Manual."  

Jacob will tell you his story about finding his niche, building his following and then turning his passion into a full time business that allows him and his family to travel the world 365 days a year!

Chapter 3:  The Opportunity
How To Make An Extra 6 Figures A Year As A Funnel Consultant!
Last years Funnel Hacking event we allowed a small group to become 'Certified Consultants' and over the past year they have been going out and proving the model.   Check out a few of the success stores we have from our current certified consultants:
Donna - Designer Turned Funnel Consultant!
Dave - 7 Figure A Year Funnel Consultant!
Mike - Network Marketer Turned Funnel Consultant!
Amanda - Stay A Home Mom And Part Time Funnel Consultant!
At the event we will be showing you the case studies showing HOW our certified consultants are making money and how YOU can have a shot to join this elite group.
Bonus Session With Alex Hormozi
Local Funnels:  Where The Little Guy Can Beat The Big Guys!
Own a local company?  Watch the secret funnels that Alex has used to start and launch multiple gyms in a weekend.   Imagine getting 500 clients, collecting over $51,191 in the bank BEFORE you open the doors to your new location!  

He's perfected this funnel and used it to open up 5 new gyms, new yoga studios and more!  This model works for almost every local company, so if you want a LOT of new clients REALLY REALLY fast, then you NEED this funnel. 

Alex will show you behind the scenes on what he's doing and how it all works.  Use it for your own company, or if you're a consultant, this funnel will make you look like a marketing rockstar!
Chapter #4 - Personal Transformation
Now that we've mastered the strategy and then implemented the tactics, now we need to spend time working on YOU.  Often times the limitations are not in the software (we all know that ClickFunnels is perfect) - but more often the problem beliefs we have inside of ourselves.   When we learn how to master those beliefs, then anything is possible...
Sean Stephenson:  Create Connection With Your Audience And Overcome Your Own Insecurities 
Sean has been called the "Three Foot Giant," and his message has reached millions of people around the world!  

Sean will be sharing how you can use your unique life experiences to create connection with your audience and help serve them at your highest levels!
Alex Charfen: Entrepreneurial Personality Type
How old were you when you realized that you were different?  

Yes, you are an entrepreneur and very few people really understand you.   Do you understand yourself?   

Alex will help YOU to understand what he calls the 'Entrepreneurial Personality Type' that you likely have, and how to leverage that to change the world in your own small way!

After this presentation, you'll finally understand yourself...

Kyle Cease: Evolving Out Loud
Kyle has been a headlining comedian for over 25 years, and has appeared in movies like '10 things I hate about you'  and 'Not another teen movie' and more...

But more importantly, Kyle is also a transformational expert and has helped thousands of people around the world with his unique blend of comedy and transformation.  

His presentation will have you laughing, crying and discovering a lot behind why you do what you do.

Chapter #5 - The Roundtables
Get All Of Your Questions Answered By Russell and His Top Inner Circle Members...
Here Are A Few Of The Round Table Trainers This Year...
Justin & Tara Williams
Darren Stephens
Joe McCall
Mike Stanzyk
Myron Golden
Rob Kosberg
Ryan Stewman
Jacob Hiller
Dean Holland
Jason Oneil
Joel Erway
Liz Benny!
Chapter 6 - The 3 P's
People, Process, Product...
When we started to plan this years Funnel Hacking LIVE event, there was only ONE speaker that we knew we HAD to have.  As a company, our favorite show on T.V. right now is 'The Profit.'  We all watch it each week and discuss the lessons together as a company.  Much of our growth can be attributed to his 3 P's strategy.

If you haven't ever seen 'The Profit' yet, or  you aren't familiar with Marcus Lemonis, his biggest success is as the chairman and CEO of Camping World, the nation's largest RV and outdoor retailer and Good Sam, the world's largest RV owner's organization...

But what sets Marcus apart, is he didn't just rest on his laurels with such a resume, instead, he uses his unique vision and large ambition to help struggling businesses around the country from a variety of industries.  

In each show, he goes into a new company, looks at their situation, and then makes them an offer to buy a percentage of their business.  

After they agree, he writes them a check, shakes their hands, and gets to work...

But... after he gives them him money, he's 100% in charge.  

Often times that means changing branding, firing employees, renovating offices and even starting over.  Each week we get to watch Marcus do extreme business makeovers, and watch as the entrepreneurs have to learn to have trust and faith in his process.  

It's THE BEST show on T.V. and we are SO grateful to have Marcus presenting at this years Funnel Hacking LIVE event!
Watch These Extended Previews From 'The Profit'
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Funnel Hacking LIVE Event FAQ's...
What are the dates of the "Funnel Hacking LIVE 2016" Event?
It is happening March 31st - April 2nd In San Diego, California.
What is the venue for the event?
The event will be hosted at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina.  You can book your hotel tickets here >>
I'm trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about?
The event registration will start around 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Wednesday March 30th and the event will conclude around 6:00 pm on April 2nd
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful sales funnel, then this LIVE event is for you!
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a pass to get into the event.  If you signup with a guest, you do get a discount! Sign up yourself and your guest here.
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Because of the limited availability of seats for the event, you will need to notify our office 30 days before the event so we can resell it to someone on the waiting list. 
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